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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 15, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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consistently suspect it will begin woohoo. you've been the eye. what the damage they were almost one in chino tawny and tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am one week since the philippines was hit by a powerful and the government says the situation is only getting worse. workers at the kitchen and on each nuclear plan to start removing fuel from one of the reactor buildings on monday. it's the first step toward de commissioning
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the reactors. and south korea hopes of refined education system using information technology will help strengthen the academic ability of students the official death toll from typhoon higher yen has risen sharply one week after the monster storm ripped across the center of the philippines. concerns are mounting over pork hygiene and the risk of disease among hundreds of thousands of survivors try to douse in its reporting for us from manila the prey or need for relief workers for me to get life saving supplies to survivors of the deadly storm. initial response was heavily criticized for being slow enough that day. the actual africa has now started taking even still the confirmed death toll from typhoon high jump by about one thousand on friday to three thousand six hundred twenty one. i was one
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of million survivors have been forced to bear more than thirty percent of them were somewhat point one million people living without shelter world health organization representative to the philippines killing almost as a faith and growing threat from disney. we are a true suppos the province of south to a rapid rate and increase the number of sites that are before singleness is a safe seat strengthen the violence because now if both people in that thing in places that they didn't lift the full size together to get health offices. that's a stretch of the health of the population it's very important the joeys wanting the relief supplies for the philippine government. that alone just watch the kids are huge the nice important thing now is it's really sickening that the playing of the banks the truck's fuel leaving a
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note to seville to access the various comments to use sold the house things and they say is that hundreds of times that the dyson said to him in the philippines to get the district remains that ensued between the cities why all foreign troops and international response to support alongside the philippine authorities don't seem to be having an impact but for some it seems like too little too late they were all three main bill that his reports from the fire one need not read like the needle and on and a sign of relief operation is now on full swing. giving people hope that count as well. so he bent has deployed osprey transport aircraft inside the disaster still it also plans to boost the number of its personnel on to found to be hunted to one thousand in britain. in places like appeal by
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the steel of attacks. rescue workers face was evident piles of debris are the new landscape of the state that's what that's doing by christians. checking the center hole but has become an effective roosters center. temporary home for some two thousand people survivor see the one who didn't read them all he received supplies from the top of the twenty two times this week. it is heed evacuation centers and holding cpr for its like twenty four families chose to stay. if the band and a half hours and by doing so they have not received the relief goods intended for all the survivors. local people forced from their homes. try to take shelter from everywhere every taking my call. we don't need you. not many cars on the sweeping hand. we haven't received and
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how this happened to them about the book. the first challenge for responders is to get supplies of food drinking water and maybe seemed to people in need. but that's only the bikini really silly to be cleared of debris. you will supply the school to be secured security moves to the story only then can the process off the concrete that. surely they'll crash tests the world. don't lie the bomber italy the city the warning. that's all i'm running for re supply is. she can't come two thousand five hundred people applied to the end the eighth month i ran in the pursuit of his contract with survivors were getting ten minus eight while the loser could receive treatment. the homes of relatives or friends or even
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population facilities offered by local men into talents. eu on sunday monday. water scheme on to the second floor of my three story house there was a l of knitting there is no freedom today the effort of the philippine government has been criticized as slow and adequate private individuals are starting to take matters into their own hands. i met with some ordinary filipinos about the journey south into the disaster. the bunny salmon mail and wire flocked here to bring food medical supplies to devastated areas these people are walking for miles in length. the journal will my team has twenty four hours. words that i am
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thinking. friday's water into the woods and canned fruits these are small. thus the feeding breaks my heart watching the situation in the disaster area on tv. i have family members there some relatives died. all the houses are gone no one left standing. the it was a need to charge people to compete in his last four years the theme song. they are now bought one hundred bucks is shining. everyday we are dtc a number of these people only have eight the beeps now live. having sixteen of them in the boston sunday. just go meet the demands of the devastated by this it's a theme that you are abt the pepto. linehan cool speed up da da and the bidding process. one
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survivor who can hold one window to look for supplies he was about to meet the return journey to get a glimpse of congo in me. no official sticking its head in the car. as a native of them not the norm on msn about you relief was reaching us. he was taking too long. and so i hitched a ride on a large truck and came all the way to manila. i'm taking my medicine and food for my family and making it easy hobbled into the unknown they have no idea what challenges will hold its twenty oh five the disastrous it sold more than ordinary
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people is what i'm doing it. mill tool is facing the criticism about his government's response to typhoon high. the philippines is no stranger to natural disasters. but the scale of devastation this time has simply been too much for the government and military here to handle alone survivors dare to hope that with the support of the international community relief may finally be on the uprising. actually i find her way from manila the philippine ambassador in tokyo says he hopes to learn from japan's experience after the two thousand and eleven tsunami in preparing for future disasters. these use the golden do. the first time that this is something of this calamity. should the cuttlebug and be sure only a yes. so this is probably a lesson for all three shows to better prepare for the future. lopez says
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the force of the storm surge that struck late and the diamonds was similar to the tsunami that hit northeastern japan in two thousand and eleven. he says his country can learn from and about how to safeguard the people and prevent damage to any concrete disaster storm surges from the ocean from the sea. it's very hard to lulu to go to work effectively in the seashore promo of the powerful who waves a command. so i guess you just have to be evacuated the us quickly. the people who knew prior years. for the short time and these are mostly fisherman. so all i heard the warning. or should probably mostly employed lopez says the philippines will also look to japan in other countries for support as it works to recover and rebuild from the disaster
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since. the row the operator of the stupid show but i achieve nuclear power plants as they will start removing spent fuel on monday from the number for a reactor building. it's the first and tokyo electric power company will take port de commissioning the crippled plan. that said i know that there were nine months that we decided to start removing fuel on november eighteen eight when he sucks is that you typically christmas the building contains more than fifteen hundred units of fuel rods. most of them are used and highly radioactive the fuel is stored in a pool of water which contains the radioactive particles to coworkers will remove it and place it in the radiation
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proof containers. till then transfer them to another location on the plants premises. the building was badly damaged by a hydrogen explosion in march two thousand and eleven. so engineers built a steel structure is equipped with a crane there will be used to remove the containers they see the structure can resist earthquakes as strong as the one on march eleven to go officials will start with the unused fuel as they consider a less difficult to handle. the plan to remove the remainder by the end of two thousand and fourteen the next step will be to remove fuel from the other three reactor buildings. as workers proceed with the decommissioning of the petition and i each a nuclear power plant. they're faced with a familiar problem disposing of highly radioactive waste. some japanese lawmakers are setting up a group to tackle that issue and find a long term solution to the country's nuclear waste dilemma. the move comes after
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former prime minister junichiro koizumi called on prime minister since she has all of it to promptly and japan's dependence on nuclear power. always in the cited difficulties associated with constructing disposal sites for highly radioactive waste the new group will include the governing liberal democrats members of ruling coalition partner new comey toe and the opposition democrats. the members planned to study how other countries manage their radioactive waste to discuss a wide range of other issues including the possibility of developing new technology they also plan to look into ways to decide where disposal sites will be located caroline kennedy has arrived in japan to take up her new
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post as us ambassador she is the daughter of former president john f kennedy kennedy an era has landed on friday afternoon. she said she feels honored to serve as ambassador on behalf of us president barack obama. i do not think. i'm also proud to carry forward my father's legacy service. yet how to be the first united states president's visit. so as the special honor for me to be able to work to strengthen the close ties between our two great country japanese chief cabinet secretary yoshida said no said he welcomes her appointment they do docomo will kennedy's close to the president. so i'm confident she'll be over kobe japan position to him and help the us relations. i need to be i can choose the right person for the job in india so she takes. kennedy is
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the first female us ambassador to japan. she is little diplomatic or political experience but is well known at home and abroad south korean prosecutors say former pres didn't know what sean ordered his aides to delete the minutes of the inter korean summit talks held sixty years ago bay and guided the two former aides to the late president for discarding the draft minutes the central district prosecutor's office announced the results of an investigation into the missing missing the transcript of two thousand and seven contest between knoll and the north korean leader kim jong il in south korea the law requires that minutes of summit meeting to be kept in the state archives. it was earlier revealed that during the two thousand and seven summit ox nor expressed understanding for a north korean demand regarding a western maritime border india will see their story insists
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that the border is invalid as it was drawn unilaterally by un forces that by the united states. it demands that it be redrawn farther south mongolian government officials have released the text of a lecture that prostitute and that the president made in north korea. it says no tyranny lasts forever. the kindy and build big go get kim il sung university with tony and. he was there and laid it over to mark sixty five years of diplomatic ties sell the gourd said mongolia bally is fundamental human rights such as freedom of expression and the right to assembly he said he believes in the power of freedom and that military lasts forever. a footnote in the case the president was asked not to use the terms democracy or market economy various they run media reported. helping george express confidence in the development of the two
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countries' ties the mongolian present was the first foreign head of state to visit african going on to power last year but a summit meeting did not take place. yummy and has announced it has cut diplomatic ties with taiwan the west african nation was one of twenty three countries that share its official relations. one important one we are shocked. and im regretting that decision the car. got the empress and yell yeah john hayes says the decision was made in the country's national interest. analysts say god is looking to get closer to china. john b a in taiwan established official ties in nineteen ninety five taiwanese president ma angel visited the country in april last year. dom is the first to cut ties with taiwan since mom became president in two thousand and eight. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson always said the government has had no contact with colombia on the matter. only
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uses a one day. canada's decision to exclude foreign media's reports. all meals included. he said the one china principle has universal support from the international community ay ay ay. south korea's well known for its enthusiasm for education more than two thirds of elementary and junior high school students attend cram schools and other private institutions government officials are combining this national obsession with another korean strength information technology. they're building a new education system using ninety in the hope it'll give young people one inch in the future. an eight year olds on d day reports. they don't the venue us to their pc ethos twentieth century
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and there. and then to school for sunday's united states uses them. dh isn't a student uses did okay on to the santa cruz de into costumes. he is upset the man said to them taking on and on and on it. this could fall by st of its own kids to college students on the fourth to sixth grade. that of its own each by a chronic computing to non scots condoms the skin says the system makes running boston and on it is to use up the nose to display a student's ounces lord give us christians back to the coffee i don't want to know that i decided at that the man accused of the hyatt no it's fine. the technology helps teachers assess how
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well students at grasping the time. theyre so on down the creek and six students complete a show by e mail she can cook this post this on charts. saute some sort of feeling these students struggle with now. now the western entrance them and their concentration has improved. indeed any kind really that great at making you ever get the kids are pretty high. i think that both stairs and into the activites might not have a lot of things. that meant dogs as i find everything kept with information technology. it only feels is called jump of seven thousand people. he used it to get to play. it's funny you on a cattle car. he helps out in the day after school
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the speed youtube began using and the educational site to be on his studies i'll be sure and government officials develop the site off with a quote from the central government. do you choose the site to heed the lessons of science and social studies he can also explore topics eamonn caps. the move. enjoy studying this way there's a lot of animation and a teacher can answer my question is a lot of time. it is to say this with the education system that included awful mess of june theyay it's all green to a school kid in any media player deal to the end of the mind can make up a cheque from it. which according to the date it confirms the academic results have improved the odds. it is
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struggling to adjust to that end. they know that these cuts cause it kept looking until they are helping each other out with hung on the iq scale. it is a vestige of a station that will most likely based educati. the fishes carro a distinct to reduce pesticide he is unstoppable you don't he will be eyeing its for the benefit of students that when making these changes and new teachers understand. and tha they need to improve their classes. some may be resistant. but if we provide anti instruction courses. we think teachers will embrace these changes. ok so it's hard to spend at least two pm got its own despise it isn't next to the eigh. we've been to aim is to create a new axis duo ninety two case
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you want any and all everywhere. mr wyatt said john. south korea has already started to export design team based education system officials hope to not only boost the knowledge of students but also the country's reputation as an educational powerhouse. we have an update on the weather and rachel ferguson is standing by rachel. i've been intending to start attending to northeastern china and the korean peninsula over the weekend. expecting to see about buying ten centimeters of snow but locally is going to be an answer to much more than that of the canon compact system right here but it will be bringing those intense that it snows as well as some intense coltrane wins again becoming than a drop in temperatures to below your seasonal averages. as for japan. conversely revenue be seeing a warming trend over the weend the temperature in tokyo set to rise to eighteen degrees on sunday having said that as the system makes its way across the sea of japan will be another cold snap in the beginning of next week on
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toy for the southeast and heavy rain is targeting vietnamoday this was a tropical storm very briefly before downgrading to a tropical depression once again after it made landfall in that earlier this morning impact on friday in vietnam now has still to be spreading over the next few days some very heavy rain north where it's about a hundred eaten the meat as possible in an extended two hours to nine peeking out the worst of it there. head on int widespread than next to sit down another tropical system inhe gaping goal right now it's one thing going to be impacting southern india and also to venture onto the next couple of days you could see but a hundred millimeters of rain with itnd is n just the aa surrounding the storm directl but actually. storms can be derived going to be at bringing up a lot of moisture further up towards the north so all the way up the coast eastern india due to be seen that heavy rain potential for flooding. and also month pledge comes alongith it on
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into the mac has another winter storm this one jockey then out of cannons and coming into the pacific northwest on friday and saturday. this one will be a pretty good snow maker and a rear seat and the darker shades of gray can see up to fif centimeters of snow fall. maybe even sixty in some parts i look like a wintry m the two lead into the ring for you and bank of ireland. widespread snowfall and turning to somebody so once again in them that portions of colorado that temperatures are to be falling in as can be windy too so that means i've been your visibility will also be compromised. at some points can make for some dangerous driving at twice the phillies could be warming up to average for many of you after a cold snap and here on this week. the thing showers moving of twisting the atlantic on your friday the temperatures of eight degrees in buying cover and rain possibly seen then turning over to snow over the weekend. i'll spend lots of double that double digits here we're in the singles and a run in the week thirteen
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atlanta. i'm not sixteen in dc the thirteen york city and back up to sixteen in denver on tnt your towards the north is going to be wet and windy but a powerful system rocking through the northern scandinavian coming it was the baltic states afterwards that it was the fat a couple of low pressure systems will keep things very unstable indy from iberia right through to ward's tacky mostly thunderstorms here and some very gusty winds and can be british isles and ninety two with the east is going to be quite pleasant and calm for you if not a little bit cooler temperatures in europe and the mostly due to extended forecast. i know i i moved. the time. sth. this is
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like this around you know tommy until kills all of this year and nhk world. thanks
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for joining us. have a great day wherever. the owner. it
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is. and june issue which is
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to pour tea into korea the future due to encourage him to new students are emerging in the room the green. the first week of october. visitors from turning to snow. they take advantage of the series and its surrounding towns bullet and buy it. he dove on it


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